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Building a Communication Bridge Between 

Deaf and Hearing Communities.


Offering services ranging from:

  • ASL Tutoring, for those who are curious about learning ASL, and those who want to increase their ASL fluency and bring their linguistic skills to the next level.

  • ASL Consulting, for corporations within the TV and film industry who want to ensure an appropriate and accurate representation of Deaf Culture and ASL when portraying Deaf characters.

  • ASL Travel Guide, for museums and other cultural institutions in Chicago who are driven to provide accessible tours and experiences for the Deaf community.



ASL With Hart is a multiservice agency that offers a variety of American Sign Language (ASL) focused services for the following:

  • Individuals who wish to learn ASL or to improve upon sign skills already acquired.

  • ASL guided tours around the city of Chicago for the Deaf community. The tours would involve art museums and/or learning about the history of Chicago.

  • ASL Consultancy services for film/theater production companies.

The mission of ASL with Hart is to provide Deaf led ASL instruction access to ASL guided tours for the Deaf community; and to work with film/theater production companies to ensure that the stories and culture of the Deaf community are appropriately represented.

Message from Julie

I cannot think of a better person to guide you or a family member through the process of learning ASL than my sister, Jennifer. She has dedicated her life to teaching others this fascinating language. She teaches with great energy, and an enthusiasm that is contagious. Her lessons are educational and fun. I don’t just say these things as a proud SODA (Sibling of a Deaf Adult), but as someone who has sat in on Jennifer’s lessons and witnessed first hand how much her students enjoy learning ASL from her. If you are considering learning ASL to communicate with a friend or family member, I cannot encourage you enough to do so. For those of us with deaf loved ones, I don’t believe it’s a choice to learn sign, I believe it’s a responsibility. For those of you who do not have the fortune of having a deaf loved one in your life, I believe your life can still be deeply enriched by learning ASL. It is truly the most beautiful language I have never heard.  ​ - Julie B., Sister

Jennifer and her sister Julie signing
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