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ASL Media Consulting

The mission of ASL with Hart is to provide Deaf led ASL instruction; access to ASL guided tours for the Deaf community; and to work with film/theater production companies to ensure that the stories and culture of the Deaf community are appropriately represented.

Jennifer and Daniel Durant, working on Chicago Med

Chicago Med Clip: Charles Talks to a Deaf Patient About Why He's Hearing Voices

"Chicago Med", NBC

Marlyne Barrett

A privelage and an honor to learn this beautiful language! Incredible honor to the deaf community. So grateful to all who helped me, especially my teacher Ms. Jen Hart! 

Leo Gilbert, 

Production Supervisor on "Chicago Med"

Jennifer has been my first call when our show has any material that is ASL/deaf related. She provides our production with so many important skills whether it is a sensitivity read, translation of lines into ASL, making sure that our hearing performers can quickly and easily learn their ASL lines or meeting with our deaf performers to make sure all of their needs are met. I could not ask for a better consultant and guide through the ASL/deaf experience.
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