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I was born deaf and have been using sign language my whole life. I went to a school that had a large program for the deaf and hard-of-hearing where sign language was used. I moved to Chicago several years ago (and consider myself a native Chicagoan now due to the fact that I still refer to Willis Tower as Sears Tower which only native Chicagoans would understand). I have taught ASL in various venues over the years and am currently an ASL instructor at a local college. For the past several years, I provided and still do, ASL guided tours at the Art Institute of Chicago and briefly at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. In addition to my professional experiences, I have worked as an ASL Consultant for a TV show since 2018. On a personal note, I have varied interests which include oil pastel drawings, traveling (recently to Italy), am a lifelong vegetarian, and love animals. I have two beautiful cats.

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